Converse x Inquirer Face Off OOTD

Here it is! The Converse x Inquirer OOTD Face Off! Different fashion designers showed off their art through different kinds of style while showcasing some of Converse’s collection.

This is the one that I wouldn’t miss. My favorite Converse event so far. I just love seeing different kinds of style from people and how they pull it off effortlessly. I love getting inspirations from this kind of people. From different patterns, long gowns, silhouette, traditional gowns, etc. From the old to the new, everything fits with Converse. That’s what makes this brand awesome. It’s classic.


FOSSIL also showcased their latest collection through the models.


I finally saw Andre Chang in person! I’ve been following this guy for years on Lookbook! He’s awesome!

She’s my favorite! The getup, aura, and accessories. Ugh, beautiful!

And of course, the Miss Universe Philippines Maxine Medina!

That’s all I got. Congratulations to all for a successful event!